Siding is the exterior cladding or covering of a residence which protects it from intense weather conditions. On a property that utilizes siding, it may eventually have an aesthetic appearance.

Here at JK Roofing, our professionals will assist you with complete siding installation in Edmonton. Siding may be composed of vertical boards or horizontal boards, sheet materials or shingles.

In all circumstances, averting rain and wind infiltration through the joints is a prime challenge, met by overlapping, by sealing or covering the joint, or by conceiving an interlocking joint like tongue-and-groove. Since building equipment contract and expand with altering humidity and temperature, it is not feasible to make rigid joints amid the siding components.


  • minimal maintenance
  • is enduring
  • is recyclable
  • is fire-resistant
  • Resists termites & fungal decay.
  • is very economical

Siding may be contrived of metal, masonry, wood, plastic, or composite equipment. It may be adhered directly to the building, or to an in-between layer of horizontal planks known as sheathing.

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